The Farmers

We are David and Liza Porter.  We are the Homestead Artisans.

How we got here

We started making cheese for fun a few years ago, buying milk from local dairymen.  When we saw how delicious the results were, and how different from store-bought cheeses, we considered making them for sale.  We built a tiny one-room cheese factory, while spending almost a year satisfying the extensive requirements of the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets.

Longview Farm

And so, we began making an array of fresh and aged cheeses and selling them at the Farmer’s Market in Saratoga. We found that the local market for our cheeses was strong, so we began thinking about buying a farm where we could raise our own animals, giving us more control over their care and feeding.  We found Longview Farm, and moved in in 2005.  Here we can have our own goats and we are just a few miles away from dairies where we can purchase cows’ milk, to produce cheese and other dairy products based on our intensive grazing.

What we do and why

We are working here to develop a sustainable, all-natural dairy so we can provide delicious all-natural cheeses to you, while sustaining and improving our piece of land.  This is our small, personal response to enormous and interlocked problems of agribusiness, long-distance food transportation, pesticide and fertilizer use, the treatment of animals, and other unsustainable and anti-spiritual aspects of our food production system, as well as rampant development and the loss of farmland both locally and globally.  Soon we will have an on-farm store, as well as a guest house where like-minded people can stay and experience the rural, farm-oriented life.