A Fork In The Road

What a wonderful journey it has been. For a couple of old wrinkly folks we have learned A LOT over the last ten years of farming. We took this abandoned farm and farmhouse and built it all better, stronger and more sustainable, and learned to run it, and what a privilege for us to have had the years, health and strength to do this. We are so grateful to the cosmos for this opportunity.

At the ages of 68 and 62, we have enough experience in the world to realize that it is time for us to transition to our next phase. We have come so far on this farm, reclaiming it from abandonment and establishing it as a farm and a business, investing ourselves in it, and we know we do not want it to slide back to where we found it. Thus, we are preparing to sell it, farm and business, lock, stock and barrel.

We are seeking the right people to take it on the next stage of its journey. This could well be you who are reading this. Click here for more details.

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