The Big Storm

We went out to dinner in town last week for the first time in weeks. During the dinner there was a fierce thunderstorm with amazing winds. Several of the farmers at the dinner went out on the porch to watch the trees toss and stream in the wind, and admire the rain falling sideways. We didn’t think it was going to amount to much at the farm twenty miles away.

When we got home, I backed into the parking place where our car usually sits — but I couldn’t get out the door because there were a lot of leaves and branches in the way. There it was — half of one of our big hundred-year-old maples had been blown down into the 20-foot slot between the house and the barn,
only slightly bending one little corner of the barn roof. Ten feet one way or the other would have been a disaster, taking out either the living room on the one side or the goat barn on the other, with who knows what carnage among our goats. As it is, David spent the next two days out there chainsawing away so we could get in and out the goats’ gate. My peonies that grow next to the house are tossing their curls and talking excitedly about their near miss. Amazing luck, not having even broken a window.

The goaties think it was amazing good luck, too — one of their favorite snacks is fresh maple leaves, bark and twigs, and they made short work of the huge branches we tossed into the pasture. Yum, yum, munch, munch. Minnie, our oldest goat, who has been looking droopy and unhappy for weeks, ate her way through several branches and has more energy than she has had in quite a while.

Another big plus is the two cords of good maple firewood that was delivered almost into the door of our woodshed. The only bad part is having to clean up and losing the shade across our living room in August. All in all we think it was a big piece of good luck.

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