Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again Some Other Day

What a wet spring we are having. I keep a journal and over the last seven years we have had mostly dry springs, where wells go dry and farmers have trouble getting their corn to sprout. Now we are having a very wet spring. Instead of worrying about our well going dry, we are worrying about the pond overflowing over the lawn and drowning the hens. The humans and goats are grouchy, but the pigs are in their element — mud! They arrived about two weeks ago and we put them down in the lower pasture in a funny little pig house to keep them warm and dry. They have learned all about the movable fences. No coyote has gotten in and eaten them. Life is good! They have already rooted up a big area of the pasture. Today we moved them and reseeded the section they had rototilled. We were hoping they would help us get rid of an area of bedstraw and spotted knapweed, but they failed utterly to root those up. So we are pretty sure we are still going to have to dig them up individually to get rid of them. Too bad. A good idea that did not pan out. The gang of piglets are still pretty cautious and run away quickly. Their senses are focussed right in front of their noses, so they can’t see us coming until we are uncomfortably close. Later in the summer, when they outgrow everything else on the farm, they aren’t so cautious, and tend to run towards us and try to knock us over instead. But now, they are afraid of us and everything else. Despite this, they are still having a great party rooting up the pastures and happily making mud. Little pocket piglets. They have already about doubled in size, and soon they will be much bigger. But for now, they root along in a line, letting no worm escape, very cute down in their pasture.

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