Spring goats

The coming of spring is one of those things that has been described and effused about for so many thousand years that it is hard to say anything new about its newness! The miracle doesn’t get any less miraculous for all that it is the same as all previous springs. Our young goats bounce through the green grass with the same charm and energy described in the Song of Solomon, where the poet describes the hair of his beloved being like the herds of goats coming down from the mountains. What a strange simile, until you actually see a herd of goats coming down a hill, following a close-braided trail through the green grass. The young goats march in the vanguard, bounce, caper and show off, then the yearlings move more carefully down, but still light as air and barely touching down, then the mothers appear with dignity, placing their hooves carefully in the worn trail through the grass. Pleasure is obvious in their stride, walking in the warm sun and green grass and the herd moving as a unit down the hill, so graceful and pleasant to the eye. Solomon enjoyed it and we do too. How much else we have in common with those who have come before.

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