Welcome to our new website! Our son is spending many hours over his holiday vacation creating it for us and for you, and we are excited to watch it grow. It’s a bit rough around the edges right now, but we have big plans, and we will keep you posted here as they come into being!

New things are always happening here at Longview Farm. This week we bought a new buck, Harper Hill Taz’s Andrew – a pedigree-cum-name which we will be shortening to “Andy” for everyday use. He’s a beautiful reddish-brown buck who has been living with some acquaintances in Schuylerville, and will be bringing his great genetics to our herd as soon as we can find a good home for our current buck, Longview Elijah’s Patch.

Our 17 pregnant does are all prospering. Routine is very important to goats – their schedule changed a month ago when we brought their little daughters and sisters up to the barn from summer pastures, throwing everyone off, but now all have adjusted to winter habits.

We also went to visit our old Beauty and Marigold, who have gone to the city to be urban goats. They live in a shed on a tiny farm down a back street in the middle of Albany. They look to be thriving! They are probably being spoiled by the youngsters at the small adjacent primary school. We are glad they are part of this ambitious, worthwhile project: when the world lives in cities, urban farms become an essential part of the cycle.

Two new cheeses are aging in the cave and should be ready within a couple of weeks – Cambozola- and Camembert-style cheeses. Only test batches exist yet, but if you our customers are enthusiastic about them, then by next summer they will be part of the regular round. Two wheels of Longview Parm will be ready to broach in February.

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