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Carrying capacity

“Why don’t you have more of these gorgeous orange and delicious eggs?” say the customers. “Because 35 hens approach the carrying capacity of our land,” I say. And the same is true of our roasting chickens and our pigs and … Continue reading

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MMMMM, pork

It is said that pigs are like saints, more honored after their deaths than during their lives. Our pigs are certainly greatly honored after their deaths.  When they return from the smokehouse in all their glory, we look forward to … Continue reading

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Winter comes to Longview Farm

The year is slowing down.  The goats have stopped milking and are lazing around the barn eating great hay and growing babies.  Daily chores only take 15 minutes instead of two hours as they do in the summer.  Cheesemaking has … Continue reading

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Welcome to our new website! Our son is spending many hours over his holiday vacation creating it for us and for you, and we are excited to watch it grow. It’s a bit rough around the edges right now, but … Continue reading

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